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Pregnancy Pain Relief

If you are looking for pregnancy pain relief without drugs or any medication, you might have just come to the right place. We recommend mothers-to-be to correct any back or neck pain before pregnancy. Pre-existing pain can worsen during pregnancy due to increased and distribution of your added body weight. Below case study describes a […]

Chiropractic Boost Performance for NFL Players

According to Harris Polls, Professional American Football is America’s favorite sport of all time. The players make millions of dollars and their coaches spare nothing but the best to train their players to win. But did you know that these professional NFL teams engage chiropractors to boost sports performance for their teams? According to a […]

Emotional Stress Can Cause Neck and Back Pain

One of the main type of stress that cause pain and diseases is Emotional or Mental Stress. I call these Toxic Emotions. Toxic emotions are feelings such as anger, hatred, bitterness, helplessness that eventually poison or harm the body. Today, some would have you believe that if you have a certain bad gene sequence, you […]

Improve Your Sleep by Reducing Exposure to Blue Light

If you use your computer and mobile phone frequently and especially so hours before bed, here’s why and how you can reduce blue light to your eyes and brain to improve your sleep. Light is the most powerful stimulation for shifting the phase or resetting the time of the 24 hour biological clock (or circadian […]