pregnancy pain relief

Pregnancy Pain Relief

If you are looking for pregnancy pain relief without drugs or any medication, you might have just come to the right place.We recommend mothers-to-be to correct any back or neck pain before pregnancy. Pre-existing pain can worsen during pregnancy…
toxic emotional stres

Emotional Stress Can Cause Neck and Back Pain

One of the main type of stress that cause pain and diseases is Emotional or Mental Stress. I call these Toxic Emotions. Toxic emotions are feelings such as anger, hatred, bitterness, helplessness that eventually poison or harm the body.Today,…

Back pain Steroid Injections Dangerous

If you knew that the commonly practiced back pain steroid injections are dangerous,  would you take it if you are in severe pain? Take the poll below to find out how others feel. If you suffered neurological complications from steroid injections…
work related injury pain

Work-related Injury Pain

Work-related Injury Pain in the neck or back is getting more awareness even with the Singapore government. Work-related Injury Pain has several terminology you may have heard including occupational diseases (or ODs), musculoskeletal disorders…