International PatientsWe have international patients who travel from outside of Singapore to seek treatment here, hence, the information below is designed to help you plan your visit and stay in Singapore while you receive your treatment. They may come from nearby countries including Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia or as far as India and Sri Lanka.

Traveling to a foreign country away from family and friends can be stressful. Lifesystems Chiropractic aims to make it easier for you, our international patients, to receive care by coordinating your chiropractic and personal needs prior to your arrival as well as during your stay.

As an international patient, your care is facilitated from the moment you contact us about your treatment. High-quality personalized services complement chiropractic care and assure a comfortable stay for all international patients and their families.

How Long Should I Plan to Stay For My Treatment

For most cases, I recommend our international patients to plan for at least 7 days to Singapore. Obviously, it will be more advantageous if you can stay for up to 2 weeks. However, many of international clients have to work too. We typically can see measurable results in 1 week.

To give you an idea how it works, patients are requested to come everyday for your treatment for about 5-6 days. Then they fly home. Depending on their situation, a follow-up visit in 1-3 months may be recommended.

If you have more questions, simply drop us an email by using the Contact Form or WhatsApp us (+65-9027-8659 ) to allow us to help you plan your journey.

Traveling to Singapore

To travel to Singapore, you may visit Changi Airport’s website for information on flight arrivals, departures and schedules. It is also our pleasure to assist you with your travel arrangements to Singapore, including making arrangements with a travel agent, hotel reservations, and transportation to and from the airport.

Translator (Language Interpretation)

Please let us know if you will need a language interpreter during your stay at Lifesystems Chiropractic. Our doctor is fluent in both English and Mandarin to communicate directly with you.


Car service to and from the airport, as well as daily services while staying in Singapore can be arranged for you. We can arrange to pick you up at your hotel to Lifesystems Chiropractic for chiropractic treatment. Upon your departure, we can assist in arranging transportation to the airport.

Visa Assistance

In general, a visa is not required for a foreigner on a social visit of less than 14 days. For more information on visa requirements, please see the countries requiring visa page from the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority.

If your visit to Singapore is longer, you may apply to the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority or call the Information Hotline at Tel: 1800 391 6400 (toll-free in Singapore only) after your arrival. The processing of extension of stay will take at least one working day.

Hotels and Accommodation

We have established special rates with a number of area hotels for our international patients and their families. We can help you find a hotel within your budget whether it is deluxe, moderate, or economy accommodations.


We can suggest local places of interest for you and your family to visit and take advantage of the many attractions Singapore has to offer. For more information, please visit the Singapore Tourism Board.