Cross Crawl Chiropractic Exercise

Chiropractic works, but it works even better to reinforce the adjustment when combined with cross crawling type exercises.

What is a Cross Crawl? Cross crawling is the contra-lateral pattern of movement where one swings the right arm forward in tandem with the left foot forward during crawling, climbing, walking, or running. 

Every cross crawling stimulates the brain to function better. However, traumas can mess up this pattern and interrupt the flow of this signal to the brain. As a result, our brain function can become out of sync resulting in neurological disorganization.

Have you seen how soldiers march? I was a soldier myself when I had to learn to march in unison with everyone around me, and now I know that it takes a lot of brain processing to march in step. I recall how some fellow soldiers cannot keep in rhythm with everyone else, no matter how hard they try.

Some soldiers got better with more training, but some cannot march any better than they started. They march somewhat like a giraffe? They have neurological short-circuit that needs to be corrected, and chiropractic adjustment is one of the most effective methods.

Chiropractic adjustments correct these disrupted patterns. As a chiropractor, I believe these cross crawl movements can help make the chiropractic adjustment last longer.

How does cross crawling work to improve chiropractic treatment outcomes? Cross crawl enhances whole brain thinking and stimulates both the left and right brain hemispheres to work together. Consider what babies have to do before they learn to walk - they crawl.

Some researchers argue that babies don't need to crawl before walking. However, there is evidence to support that babies that crawl can reach for objects more accurately and have better memories!

From a structural perspective, cross crawling helps babies to straighten from their fetal posture so they can stand upright. It also helps create the lordotic curves of the cervical and lumbar spine. These curves provide the biomechanical shock absorption when we jump or run!

Many babies go through the cross crawl phase to get their brains and body ready for walking. It is my opinion that babies who skip the crawling step before they begin to walk have more postural problems and even psycho-emotional problems in later life.

As much as babies do cross crawl to develop their brains, I encourage our elderly patients to perform cross crawl exercises to slow down brain degeneration to improve balance and reduce the chances of falls.

Who Should Practice Cross Crawl Exercise?
Everyone should get back to the basics. Most of us will experience some form of physical, emotional, or chemical trauma that may result in neurological disorganization. You need chiropractic adjustment and cross crawling exercises if you have experienced any of the below:
☑ I am clumsy and easily trip and fall
☑ I sometimes stutter when I speak
☑ I cannot think as clearly as I need to
☑ I cannot control some of my impulse in word or deed
☑ I find my walking gait coordination if out of sync
☑ I feel weakness in my core strength and balance
☑ I think my mind is restless and in tension.
☑ I know I need more focus, reading, and writing
☑ I seem to have poor physical coordination in general 

When Can I Perform These Exercises?
The best part of cross crawl exercise is you can do it almost anywhere. As our chiropractic patients, you will find various cross crawl exercises in our patient app. The doctor will prescribe the different types based on your situation.