Can I get treatments if I don’t have x-rays?

xrays required chiropracticYes. We DO NOT need x-rays to perform effective chiropractic adjustments. However, there are advantages to having an x-rays. X-rays provide medical diagnosis that may help direct our clinical approach and rehabilitation.

X-rays can help us diagnose:

1) Loss of cervical curve,
2) ‎Cervical kyphosis
3) ‎Degenerative Disc Disease or DDD
4) ‎Spinal arthritis : bone spurs/osteophytes.
5) ‎Foraminal stenosis: narrowing of spinal canal where nerves exit.
6) ‎Osteopenia: Advanced Bone loss of the spine can be seen on x-ray
7) ‎Spinal tumor

At our clinic, we only recommend x-rays, if needed after performing an exam and understanding your case history. If you have old or past x-rays, bring them in with when you visit us. We never take x-rays for pregnant ladies. We almost never take x-rays for young children or teens unless we have a good reason.

Some practitioners pride themselves for NOT taking x-rays at all. Then there are those who make EVERY patient take x-rays and retake x-rays every few months! If you are in doubt, I suggest you seek a second opinion.

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