Find the Root Cause

Most chiropractors or doctors use x-rays or MRI to find the root cause. But is that enough? What do we do differently to help you find the root cause of your health problems?

According to DD. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, the cause for health problems or dis-ease, can come from THREE possible sources. They are the 3 T's: THOUGHTS, TRAUMA, and TOXINS.

In the early years of chiropractic history DD Palmer taught that stressful thought, trauma, and toxins could lead to subluxations or bones to misalign and pinch nerves. As a result, these pinched nerves that supply the muscles and organs begin to malfunction from reduced nerve flow.

Regardless of the types of symptoms you experience, there is a cause for those symptoms. In fact, I believe there could be more than one cause! Many of those symptoms are undesirable, such as pain, numbness, weakness, or just tightness.

Symptoms, however undesirable, are one of the ways the body communicate to us of what is going on. It's our body's way of saying: "Hey, something's not right."

You can choose to ignore those symptoms and wish that it will somehow go away, or find out what is going on and do something about it.

When you come to us to find out why you have those symptoms, we help you find the possible cause, then determine if that is something we can correct.

The first "T" stands for Thoughts

Stressful thoughts are emotional feelings that can cause health issues. The sudden or unexpected loss of a loved one is an example of a stressful event where the emotion of grief may linger, even after many months.

When you get into a conflict with a colleague or family member, your brain senses danger, it goes into a protection mode.

Often when the conflict goes unresolved, those negative feelings of resentment or anger remain in the body.

Our brain responds to these negative feelings as a threat and trigger muscle splinting or tightening. As the muscles tightened from nervous system imbalance, it may lead to postural distortion.

If these stresses start to accumulate, it may pass your body's threshold, leading to tighter and painful muscles. No matter how much you massage or stretch, the problem or symptom will recur.

The Second "T" stands for trauma.

Physical trauma stress is one of the causes of pain. You can have physical trauma stress on your upper and lower back from the improper carrying of your backpack.

Prolonged poor posture looking downwards on your laptop and handphone is one of the less obvious forms of physical trauma commonly experienced.

After a car accident, the neck bones and ligaments may experience a sudden whipping force from the impact. The injured ligaments and nerves cause the neck to feel swollen and inflamed with pain.

Some of these physical traumas may also coexist with the above mentioned stressful thoughts or emotional injury from the accident.

One of my patients had a motor vehicle accident while driving. Besides suffering from neck and arm pain from the crash, she experiences bouts of crying and self-blame that lasted months.

The final "T" is for Toxins

Toxins from both food and the environment can also cause health problems. Heavy metals from food sources or dental amalgams can harm the brain. A 2019 research study has linked mercury as a precursor to Alzheimer's and Parkinson.  

Before you order your next food takeout or delivery, note that most food packaging contains toxic plastics.

These plastics that contaminate your food (link) are called phthalates. They are found to contribute to hormone imbalance and infertility.

Do you love chili and have joint pain? Read on.

Nightshade foods such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and chili or bell peppers contain a toxic alkaloid called solanine. But aren't these healthy foods?  

Well, nightshades contain vitamins and minerals; they also contain substances that are bad for your health.

One of our patient with back pain was found to be sensitive to nightshades. I told her to avoid it for just two weeks, even though it is one of her favorite condiments. I told her if nothing changes after two weeks, she could resume eating all the chili she wanted.

A week later, during her follow up visit, she reported her back pain was mostly gone! I asked her to try to re-introduce chili back into her diet to see if the pain returned. It did.

Are you getting the importance of finding the root cause yet?

I believe that while chiropractic adjustments are helping many people, finding and correcting these root cause in these 3 areas of thoughts, truma or toxins will help patients prevent the problems from recurring.