Foot Pain Treatment

If you suffer from foot pain, you know how it feels like to experience pain with each step you take. Often times the location of the pain can help determine the diagnosis of your foot pain. In other words, if you can pinpoint the exact area or region of your foot which experiences pain, we can better determine the root cause of your foot pain.

A visit to our clinic for an examination to determine the root cause of your foot pain is highly recommended, so as to determine if it is something that can be treated with Chiropractic care or to refer you to the proper professional where applicable.

The most common foot pain are biomechanical in nature. In other words, most foot pain complaints we see are due to a lack of sufficient support or inappropriate foot wear. About 70% or more of our population have pronation syndrome which I believe is the main culprit of foot pain I am about to describe.

Over pronation causes excessive twisting of the foot which stretches the fascia underneath the foot. The continued stretching causes micro tears at the attachment to the heel bone causing heel pain, with the potential for painful bone spurs.

I am going to give you a quick general overview of the possible cause of your foot pain based on pain location without going into too much detail here. You may have metarsal stress fractures or Morton’s neuroma, if your pain is on top of the foot, just behind the toes. Pain at Chopart’s joint when you foot bends backward toward you could be caused by an Anterior Ankle Impingement Syndrome. A thick flesh somewhere behind the fifth toe, it may be a Tailor’s Bunion.

If you injured yourself from an inward twisting action of your foot, very likely you have an inversion sprain. Pain at the back of the foot at the tendon is usually called Achilles Tendonitis.

Now pain on the inside or medial side of the foot near the bony prominence could be a Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. If pain is on the inside and bottom of the foot it is what clinicians call the medial longitudinal arch. Most patients who have pain here normally say “I have a foot arch pain.” Foot arch pain is usually plantar fasciitis or navicular bone subluxation.

Plantar Fasciitis is caused by over-pronation. If you have pain at the bottom of the foot when you strike your feet during walking or running, it could be a heel spur or Sever’s disease while pain at the bottom of the foot below the big toe is more likely Sesamoiditis. 

I have described several foot pain symptoms and the purpose is to give you an idea of why you may have that problem. My intention is not for you to self-diagnose but to be better informed. For an accurate diagnosis of your foot pain, email or call me for your consultation.