How We Are Different

I often get the question, "Dr Lim, what is it that you do that is different from everybody else? In a nutshell, we are different in that we find the root cause of your symptoms in the three main areas: Thoughts (Emotional), Trauma (Physical, Postural Injuries) or Toxins (Physiological,Chemical, Diet, Allergies and Sensitivities).

People come to us because they have something bothering them they want to resolve. It could be Chronic Pain, Allergy, Dyslexia, Addictions/Bad habits, Obsessive thinking, Being in a rut (professionally, financially, creatively, personal relationships with friends and family), the list goes on.

What do these symptoms have in common? I will try to explain.

In our paradigm, all of the above are caused by abnormal "tape loops" or programs that don't stop "thinking" and trapping you in old physical or emotional or physiological "habits."


Your body's energies are spinning round and round without a resolution, and the result is pain, physical and mental exhaustion, fatigue, weakness, disconnection, malfunction, under-reaction and over-reaction. You find yourself caught in a web you have spun yourself, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Your body finds difficulty to heal itself. It's stuck in a rut. 

So what do we do?

We find and correct trapped tape loops (referred to as blockages, stress, subluxations, dysfunctions) stuck in your neurological system and mind/body.

Our approach is to find and initiate a "pattern interrupt."

We are all like complex software programs stored in folders, files, drawers, documents and much more! Our job is to locate and "reset" the "malfunctioning software."

That is what is meant by a pattern interrupt. Another way to put it is that our approach permits you to "reboot/reset/release."

Are you in need of a pattern interrupt?

Call us and break free!

Patient Centered
√ We aim to spare no effort to correct for the layers of stresses that prevent your body from recovery.

Unique Approach
√ We utilize a unique biofeedback system to find the root cause of your issues to promote faster and longer lasting recovery.

Exceptional Value
√ Not do we only offer very affordable plans; we also pride ourselves in offering tremendous value to our patients. 

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