Lower Back Pain Body Lean to One Side

Lower Back Pain Body Lean to One Side

Last Updated on February 1, 2022 by Dr Timothy Lim

Have you experienced lower back pain body lean to one side? You may feel shocked looking at your not-so-usual posture in the mirror. Your attempts to straighten the back will probably not work because the lower back muscle spasm pulls you to one side, and you can’t move very much in most other directions. Fortunately for this patient, our chiropractor Singapore was able to help him improve his posture and reduce his pain during his first visit.

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Symptoms of Lower Back Pain Body Lean to One Side

In this case study, the patient came to the clinic with lower back pain, body leaning to one side. He was leaning towards the right side. He also had sciatica, or pain down the right buttock and the hamstrings. Lower back pain also increased when bending down to touch the toes.

The patient could not lift his body upright without pain when asked to straighten his body. Leaning toward the left side (opposite of body tilt) worsened the pain. There was prominent muscle stiffness around the waist and buttock region. Pain rating from a scale of 1-10 (worst higher) is about 8/10 when bending the body forward.

Possible Cause of Lower Back Pain Causing Body To Lean

When asked what could have caused the pain, the patient said he was doing his regular workout. He did not do anything different or try anything new workout routine. He said, “It just happened.” He also said that his back pain worsen when he coughed or sneezed. The patient was likely suffering from a mild to a moderate herniated disc that protruded on the spinal cord or nerve root. The body tried to compensate and move away from the pain. This body slanting posture to one side is also known to medical professionals as an antalgic lean.

herniated disc
Figure 1: Herniated Disc (red) protrudes and puts pressure on the Spinal Cord (yellow). Compare healthy disc (blue)

Treatment and Results for Correcting Lower Back Pain Body Tilt

Medical intervention for a condition where lower back pain body lean to one side usually involves rest, muscle relaxants, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Arcoxia. When pain treatment with drugs is unsuccessful, an MRI is usually ordered to determine if surgery is necessary.

Chiropractic care works by mobilizing the affected vertebra in a specific direction with the intention for the disc to retract back towards the center of the disc. When the adjustment works as expected, the results can sometimes seem miraculous. Invasive and high-risk surgery can often be avoided or delayed.

When the patient’s spine was examined, we found a subluxated (misaligned) L5 lumbar vertebra. We adjusted the above L5 segment and performed a re-evaluation. The patient could bend forward much further after adjustment. He remarked the pain has also improved from 8/10 to about 3/10.

We advised him to hold off from his workout for at least a week. His lower back pain tilt to one side may persist for at least a day or two until the muscle spasms subside. 

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