Lower Back Pain Body Lean to One Side

Dr Timothy Lim

Mar 18, 2019

Have you experienced lower back pain and your body lean to one side? You may feel shocked looking at your not so usual posture. Your attempts to straighten the back will probably not work because the lower back muscle spasm pulls you to one side and you can't move very much in most other directions. Unfortunately, you will also walk with this tilt to one side until the muscle spasms subside. 

Do we correct his posture tilt or help him with his pain? Well, why not do both? Like correcting child posture, the approach is always to find the cause and fix it. 

Medical intervention for such a condition usually involves rest, muscle relaxants or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Arcoxia.

Symptoms /Condition:
The patient presented with lower back pain and his body leaning to one side. In this case, you can see that he is leaning towards the right side. He also had sciatica, or pain down the right buttock to the hamstrings.

When asked to try to stand straight, the patient could not do so without pain. Leaning toward the left side (opposite of pain) made the symptom worse. I could feel muscle spasm on the tight muscles on the waist and buttock region. Pain rating from a scale of 1-10(worst higher) is about 8/10 when trying to bend the body forward. 

Possible Cause:
When asked what could have caused the pain, the patient said he was doing his regular workout. 
He did not do anything new. He said, "It just happened." The patient likely has a herniated disc that protrudes on the spinal cord or nerve root. The body will try to compensate and move away from the pain. This body slanting to one side is also known as an antalgic lean.

Treatment and Results:
We adjusted the above L5 segment and performed a re-evaluation. The patient could now bend forward much further. He said the pain has also improved from 8/10 to about a 3/10. See the before and after results in the attached picture.