Lower Back Pain Causes

Figuring out lower back pain causes can be confusing. Your doctor looks at your MRI or x-rays but finds nothing severe, but you're still in pain. You may be left wondering who else you could turn to for your back pain.

I mean if you really cannot find at least a possible cause of your back pain, how are you going to prevent back pain from coming back? 

Let me start by saying that most patients will not find the cause of their back pain on an x-ray or MRI.

If you scan the list of the possible back pain causes below, you will know why I might have made this statement.

I will begin with the more widely accepted medical causes of back pain to the lesser known back pain causes.

Medically-Accepted Causes of Back Pain
Here's some medical conditions that can be contributing to back pain:
✔ spinal subluxation,
✔ sacroiliac joints fixation,
✔ facet joints arthrosis or arthritis,
✔ muscle sprain or strain,
✔ herniated disc,
✔ canal stenosis,
✔ spondylolysis,
✔ spondylolisthesis,
✔ scoliosis,
✔ Scheuermann’s disease, 
✔ ankylosing spondylitis.

Then there are other more severe conditions that require immediate medical attention.
✔ vertebral fracture,
✔ osteomyelitis,
✔ Paget’s disease,
✔ spinal tumors or cancer,
✔ aortic aneurysm,
✔ bladder infection,
✔ endometriosis,
✔ kidney stone,
✔ ovarian cancer or cysts,
✔ testicular torsion (twisted testicle)
✔ prostate problems  

Emotional Stress Causes of Back Pain
I thought I was one of the very few doctors to recognize and treat back pain caused by emotional stress from the past or present.  

It turns out there was a late medical doctor, Dr Sarno, specializing in spinal rehabilation with a very similar approach to one of methods I use to fix back pain. You can watch his video here or below.
One of Dr. Sarno's most controversial theory is that the spine and disk issues seen on x-ray or MRI don't have any bearing on the pain you may be suffering.

He observed that many individuals with back pain don't have any detectable structural defects on MRI, while others who have herniated disc or degenerative spinal disease blissfully experience no pain at all!

He goes on to explain how the brain manages your feelings of anger, anxiety, fear, betrayal by suppressing them and redirect these energetic or psychological thoughts to limit blood flow to areas like your neck, back or shoulder.

Dr Sarno's radical theory may explain why many feel pain in these areas for no known reason. I don't know how many times I hear my patient tell me, "I don't know how I got it; it came suddenly."

Many come to us for a second opinion to find our their low back pain causes even after visiting other chiropractors or doctors. Don’t be confused, give us a call so I can help determine the cause of your low back pain.

Back Pain Cause by Emotional Stress

Dr John Sarno treats the emotional cause and fixed many unfixable back pain.

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