Chiropractic ConsultationWhat is this NO-Obligation Chiropractic Consultation Offer?

Generally, after your consult and thorough examination, I will have a good idea if I can help you. And if I feel that I cannot help you, you pay nothing, the consult is on me. If your case is a case which I can help then you pay for the consult. Thereafter, you decide whether you wish to proceed with treatment or not.

So, basically, if I decide I CANNOT help you, the CONSULTATION IS FREE.

I know I am putting my time and effort on the line here. You see, I genuinely want to help especially those who have been everywhere and spent so much money on tests, MRI’s, X-rays and still cannot find help. Most who have come to see us, genuinely want to know if there is a solution. So if you can get yourself to door, I am ready to listen.

If you are inquiring from outside of Singapore or wish to email me about your situation, feel free to email me a brief description with any information you can remember such as when it started and where you feel the pain or numbness or discomfort or any diagnosis previously given.