Pregnancy Pain Relief

Dr Timothy Lim

May 08, 2017

If you are looking for pregnancy pain relief without drugs or any medication, you might have just come to the right place. 
We recommend mothers-to-be to correct any back or neck pain before pregnancy. Pre-existing pain can worsen during pregnancy due to increased and distribution of your added body weight.

The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health published a case study on April 3, 2017 of a woman who experienced a shorter and easier birth due to chiropractic care.

The study describes 28-year old woman who sought chiropractic for a pain in her tailbone area. She reported that after the delivery of her firstborn, she experienced pain and discomfort at her tailbone any time she sat on a hard surface.

She decided to receive chiropractic care in anticipation of her second pregnancy. Although her first pregnancy went well, the delivery process was very long and difficult.

As she did not experience pain before pregnancy, she attributed her long and difficult labor and delivery as being the cause of the tailbone pain.

A chiropractic examination was performed and it was determined that multiple subluxations or spinal misalignments were present.

After a number of adjustments, the woman reported a 50% reduction in the tail bone pain. She then became pregnant for the second time. The chiropractic care was continued to, hopefully, facilitate an easier delivery process.

As with her first birth, the woman decided to have her second child at home. She was supervised by the same Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) that attended her first home birth.

According to the midwife, the woman’s first labor and delivery time combined was 32 hours and 25 minutes. After chiropractic care, the midwife reported that the woman’s labor and delivery times for her second child was only two hours and 45 minutes combined!

This case report provides supporting evidence that subluxation centered chiropractic care on pregnant mothers can have beneficial effects on the birthing process.

Our Natural Pregnancy Pain Relief System is very gentle yet safe and effective. We believe both mother and baby deserve a more comfortable pregnancy term and delivery process. Call is today to schedule an appointment.