• Sleep Apnea

    Tired most of the time and often doze off during the day.

  • Hiatal Hernia Treatment

    Hiatal Hernia treatment is a non-surgical yet effective solution for GERD or gas reflux symptoms.

  • Foot Pain

    Foot pain can occur at the bottom (called Plantar fasciitis) or top of the feet and both affects your ability to walk naturally.

  • Poor Posture

Our Services goes beyond neck and back pain treatments. In your first visit, you may notice Dr. Lim is not your average chiropractor. His advanced knowledge in Advanced Applied Kinesiology, Metabolic Typing Nutrition and diverse chiropractic and cranial techniques makes him capable of helping you with many ailments that you may not have thought of as chiropractic problems. If  you are seeking natural health treatment, then ask the doctor what he can do for you, no matter the ailment.

Are you generally healthy, but want to be healthier? Dr. Lim can analyze you to find deeper issues and treat them to help take you up a notch and on your way to an even healthier lifestyle.

Do you feel great already? If so, that is excellent! Dr. Lim can help take you to your next level of performance no matter what your pursuit.

Dr. Lim treats all ages and all walks of life including young children, elderly, pregnant women, and athletes.

Techniques include:

  • Full Spine Technique
  • Child and Adult Posture Correction
  • Extremity (Hands and Legs) adjusting
  • Sports and Injury Muscle Rehab
  • Soft tissue Technique
  • Custom Foot Orthotics (Footlevelers)
  • Custom Neck Pillow
  • Metabolic Typing Diet and Nutrition
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Golf Performance Rehab

A variety of products are available through this office.