Chiropractic Care Services

We offer a range of effective chiropractic care services aimed to get to the root of your problem. 

Our Chiropractic Care method uses instrument and/or manual hand adjustments via a unique Biofeedback system get to the root of the issue faster. Benefits include:

Promote drug-free Pain Relief

Improve muscle function and flexibility

Better overall sense of well-being

Suitable for all ages from babies to the elderly.

Spinal Decompression Therapy involves gentle automated stretch and release of the neck or lower back spine may relief pain. Benefits include:

Relieve pressure on the spinal nerves

Rehydrate and promote spinal disc repair

Encourage retraction of protruded discs

Not suitable for pregnant woman and those with sugical implants in the spine.

Functional Cranial Release is a "one of a kind" endonasal cranial adjustment Functional Cranial Release or FCR that help unlock dural tension in the cranial bones to enhance cerebral spinal fluid flow. Benefits include:

Immediately improved breathing

May increase oxygenation of the body

Help prevent recurrent misalignment of the spine

Suitable for most except very young children.

Our Cranial Adjustment Therapy involves very light vibration  instrument adjustment of the cranial bones

Complements chiropractic care for faster results

Helps hold the adjustments longer than spinal adjustment alone

We usually combine cranial therapy with chiropractic care to get you better results without addition charges.

Our child posture correction is so powerful we usually see changes within 6 visits. 

Painless "no crack" adjustments

No uncomfortable bracing necessary

No complicated exercises necessary 

Our posture correction works for both children and adults. Kids tend to respond faster than most adults.

FSM or Frequency Specific Microcurrent uses customized frequencies to stimulate healing and reduce inflammation naturally. Benefits:

Acceleration in healing of acute injuries up to 200%

Improved oxygenation and cellular repair

Reduced inflammatory chemicals in tissues

Increased feel-good endorphin levels

Increased cell energy (ATP) levels by up to 500%

Softening of tight tissues

Repaired regulation of nerve tissue

Suitable for all ages except pregnant women.