Functional Cranial Release (FCR) Therapy

Functional Cranial Release (FCR) is a non-invasive, endonasal cranial therapy to reduce tension in the craniosacral system, emphasizing neurological functions such as balance. It is similar to other techniques like Cranial Fascial Release (CFR) and ABC Endonasal Cranial Correction™. FCR treatment affects the unique sphenoid bone which articulates with the frontal, parietal, ethmoid, zygomatic, temporal, occipital, palatine, and vomer bones.

  • Improved airflow through the nose soon after the treatment
  • Increase ease of breathing
  • Help prevent recurrent misalignment of the spine

FCR was created by Dr. John Lieurance who, as of this writing, practices in Sarasota, Florida, USA. Dr Timothy Lim trained with Dr. Lieurance and now offers FCR or Functional Cranial Release in Singapore.

Functional Cranial Release Video

FAQ for Functional Cranial Release