Steps to Correct Laptop Posture

Dr Timothy Lim

JUNE 25, 2015

If you are using your laptop for work, then this is my recommendation for best sitting position in front of computer. Some say the laptop was developed for the lap wasn’t it? It probably was but certainly the laptop for not designed to be friendly to your neck or back!

It is my experience that correcting your laptop posture will assist in the prevention and healing of your neck pain. Here are my directions and steps to correct laptop posture.

Steps to Correct Laptop Posture:

- Make sure adjust your chair height so your wrist rest comfortably on the desk. (The angle of your forearm to upper arm should be 90 to 100 degrees.) Don’t worry about the details as your chair might be too high or too low to start with. Life is NOT perfect.

- Find any object that is sturdy that can raise the laptop height so middle of the screen is about your eye level. In the laptop picture example your see I am using a printer but you can use old phone books or boxes.

- Get an external USB or wireless keyboard so you can keep your wrist on the table instead of high in level of the laptop keyboard.
If you are my patient please follow this instruction for your home and office when using laptop.