Stress Overload Concept

Dr Timothy Lim

July 1, 2014

The Stress Overload Concept explains why we get sick and experience pain. We experience different types of stress and our body will find ways and means to manage and counter that stress. Many time we are able to handle that stress and we appear fine, but there are times when these stress accumulate beyond our body’s ability and it “crashes” resulting in disease states.

What does a stress overload look like? An example of the Stress Overload Concept is a young person working or studying day and night with very little rest. Due the resilience of age they can handle hard work with little sleep. However, if this person also has poor diet, eating mainly junk food, then he has just added an additional stress load to their overall health. Let’s say on top of that this individual also have difficult relationship with his family with frequent misunderstandings and poor communication. What do you think will happen to the overall stress level of the individual? Well, common sense tell us that at some point, that the TOTAL Overall stress levels may be more than the body can handle, resulting in health breakdown. That health break down may occur in the form of pain, succumbing to virus infection or disease.

Having understood that Stress Overload Concept, we ask what are the stress we could experience? The types of stress an individual experience include digestive stress where the body cannot process food efficiently. As a result, he may experience mineral/vitamin absorption deficiencies that lead to tiredness, poor immune system and muscle pain. I could go on give you other types of stress such as endocrine or hormonal stress, infections stress, food intolerance stress, emotional or relationship stress, chemical toxin stress, energetic stress, spiritual stress and structural stress.

One of the reasons we are different from most chiropractors is we really look at the different stress loads and determine which is the main causal factor of dis-ease. When you visit a chiropractor you are looking for a solution to your problem but most will just look at one area at the spine and maybe muscles known as Structural Stress. While many feel better with structural care in the form of chiropractic, not everyone get complete resolution of their problem because those other stress loads were not addressed. The Overload Stress concept may explains why some neck and back pains resolve temporarily and keeps coming back.

It was both empowering and enlightening when I understood the Stress Overload Concept You can now apply to your families well being to become more healthy. When you child get sick, ask which of the stress factors is my child experiencing most? What can I do to reduce or eliminate that stress? When chiropractic was founded in 1895, spinal misalignment were theorized to be a primary cause of disease, and a spinal correction could perform miracles for a patient’s nervous system. Adjustments continue to play an important role in ensuring the flow of our amazing life force energy, but in this toxic millennium, it is important to take into account our total stress/toxin load among many others when considering root causes of chronic health issues and our body’s inability to fully and properly heal. 

Hopefully this article on Stress Overload Concept will be as empowering for you as it did me. Our body is design to have its own incredible self healing capabilities so imagine what else you could be capable of when you actively invest you efforts to to reduces those stresses. If you are a patient of ours, we encourage you to attend our health seminars and join our Member Only Insider Health Tips to learn more. I wish you the best of health!