Symptoms and Conditions

Our philosophy of healing is that symptoms are merely responses to alert our bodies that something has been going wrong. Below we list some symptoms we commonly see.

Symptoms Commonly Seen :
☑ Lower Back Pain
☑ Fibromyalgia Syndrome
☑ Neck Pain
☑ Wry Neck
☑ Headaches
☑ Foot Pain
☑ Sprained Ankle
☑ Frozen Shoulder Pain
☑ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
☑ Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)
☑ Spondylolisthesis
☑ Rib Pain
☑ Chronic Pain

Treating symptoms without treating the root cause may be more dangerous for your health. I find that if we focus only on relieving symptoms, the symptoms generally return quickly without lasting results.

One of the reasons why your experience at Lifesystems Chiropractic is going to be unique and quite unlike regular chiropractor is I look for various sources of blockages such as misalignments of bones or organs, emotional stresses, past trauma, toxins, nutritional imbalances, and pH imbalances.  

Our 3 Step Healing Process: 
Step 1→Locate Healing Blockages
Step 2→Correct Blockages
Step 3→Symptoms Improve

As the body’s blockages are removed, the body can begin to heal. I like to put it this way – “We Care, God Cures.