adolescent back pain

Adolescent Back Pain is the more common than most parents realized. According to the World Health Organization’s definition of adolescence, these young teenagers are between 10 and 19 years years old. Indeed back pain attacks everyone irrespective of age not just teens. Even young adults suffering from this chronic condition is on the increase for various reasons including the wide spread use of mobile gadgets, poor sense of posture, poor eating and sleeping habits.

Let’s look at the reasons for adolescent back problem and what to look for. It is really surprising that young bodies have to face this problem at so early an age. Young children are so engrossed in their routine way of life, their life being shuffled between home, school and several extracurricular activities that very little time is at their disposal to spend at home. This has an adverse impact on their eating schedule. They often fill their tummies with the junk food available outside which results in unhealthy consumption of food and the resultant back pain. Junk food promotes obesity in adolescents. Over weight children often complain of back problem. Your choice of food should enhance the strength of bones but children never bother to consume healthy food, which could make your bones strong and hence the back pain.

Exercise and its positive effects on adolescent children cannot be disputed. In the earlier days teens used to spend major part of their time playing outdoor games and this used to lead to perfect fitness regarding physical health. Now the advent of the Internet, online gaming and social media has depleted their interest in outdoor games. They prefer spending time on the computer or mobile gadget.

Adolescent Back Pain Cause

Below are commons causes I believe lead to adolescent back pain.

  1. Lack of proper physical exercise and poor seating posture for a long periods of time has consequently led to the rising back pain in adolescents. Outdoor playing benefit muscular cells and minimizes the chances of getting a back problem.
  2. Overweight backpacks and one sided carrying on ONE shoulder of these bags increases the burden on their back as their posture gets affected adversely due to the additional burden carried by them in back packs. Overweight backpacks also distort their posture and put uneven stress on the spine.
  3. Weak ligaments or over flexible ligament add to the severity of adolescent back pain. It can lead to the spine being curved or high shoulder on one side called scoliosis. You can check if you have loose ligaments  by doing a flexed wrist or a “bye-bye” with the hand and wrist position. Try to pull the thumb down towards the elbow. If the thumb can touch or almost reach the forehand, your child has “loose” or over flexible ligaments. My advise to prevent injury would be to avoid throwing type exercise.

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