WomanShoulderPainIf you have chronic pain in the shoulders especially in the  upper trapezius muscle due to prolong sitting posture on a on office deck, we have a home exercise solution for you.  Seriously, who do you not know who does not have some kind of shoulder pain?  Now if you sit for hours on the desk playing computer games or just using the computer you know what I mean. Basically, the lower part of your neck and shoulder hurts. Getting a massage will give some relief but you and I know it will all come back again. So why does it not usually go away? Basically these are trapezius muscles on your shoulder work overtime as you stay in one position on the desk day in and day out. We recommend our patients to break that cycle by taking short breaks after every 2 hours.

At our chiropractic office in Singapore, we combine our office treatment with specific shoulder exercise we will teach you to do at home. we recommend you do upright rows, reverse flyesm lateral raises for detoids and rows. Although these are common exercises we have developed a special sequence we find more effective to break the chronic pain shoulder syndrome. The entire exercise will take about 15 minutes 2 to 3 times per week.

If you are our patient, please proceed to download your “Anti-Shoulder Pain Exercise Protocol” and use the accompanying below videos to guide you to do the exercise correctly.

Other than at the office, I cannot help observe to make sure you are doing it correctly. I also recommend you gym instructor or personal training to make sure you are doing the execise correctly.