can_exercise_stop_back_painIs there a way to stop the nagging back pain through exercise. Now you may wonder whether there are any exercise regimes for an aching back? Some feel that a good bed rest may solve the problem, but if you have a weaken or imbalance muscle too much lying down or rest actually aggravate the situation badly. I call this the deconditioning syndrome or “back pain vicious cycle”.

What is a Decondition Syndrome or back pain vicious cycle? When you experience back or neck which do you do? More rest or more exercise? Many have asked this question. Most people when they experience an episode of pain will adopt a protective posture to either rest or not move the are of pain for fear of aggravating the pain condition. But what happens to muscle that stops working over time? Yes, muscle not in use begin to atrophy. Atrophy means you get weaker and the muscle that is suppose to stabilize the bones they are attached to are now even more imbalanced! Now you not only have weak muscles but also structural (skeletal) instability. Structural instability of your spine means you cannot hold good posture when you sit or walk which leads to more imbalance of the musculature leading to more pain in the back or neck. This pain may not go away last for weeks to months leading to chronic back or neck pain. If you further let this go and continue not to mobilize your body, your condition may keep getting worse. Hence, I call this the “back pain vicious cycle.”

So how do we  break out of this deconditioning vicious cycle? Dr Timothy Lim will do a postural analysis recommend specific exercises you can do to eliminate pain. Strengthening weaker muslces helps with the muscles imbalancing leading to better posture. Better structural balance leads to a more pain free back.

So when can you rest your back or neck to increase recovery rate? Rest one to three days following physical activities and workouts. Resting after a good back pain workout program may help the nutrients of the body to circulate  better to all parts simultaneously such as spinal cord, muscular parts,ligaments, and other joints of the body.  If you have back pain, and want an exercise regiem, we recommend you come for a consult before you start a proper exercise course. Our doctor of Chiropractic will design a custom back or neck pain exercise for your condition.