Desk bound jobs are increasing and so are the back pain cases. According to the research done, it has been visualized that around 80% of of the population will suffer some form of back pain. If you have back pain, then doing light exercises can help to stabilize your spine.

Do exercises that correct muscle imbalance and leads to strengthening of weak muscles. The imbalances caused by these muscles causes back pain. Pain occurs due to following reasons:

1. Sitting or Standing for long time

2. Running for long distance

3. Vertebral Column sways back

4. Improper exercise of strength training While doing any exercise related to strength training, deep breathing proves to be very effective. While pressing the leg toe,inhale deeply during bending and exhale during pressing. This proves to be very much helpful to increase length of spine and effectively utilizing the diaphragm muscles for supporting the spine.

The following Exercises may be practiced to reduce back pain. Please consult  your chiropractor to prescribe the correct exercise for your particular condition.

1) The Tummy Tuck It is a simple pelvic move that brings the abdominal muscles up and away from floor. Relax for some time by keeping the face down on the floor and squeeze your buttocks to strengthen your spine. Reach your tail bone down towards the heels. Perform alternately for two sets each with twelve counts.

2) The Bridge Lift This exercise is done by placing your feet on floor or a bench and scooping your pelvis in an upward motion. Your ribs should remain in a lower position to reduce pull on your spinal muscles. Focus completely on muscle contraction.

3) The Lumbar Side Stretch This is done in standing and sitting position. While bending your knees, widen up your legs as much as possible. Now, put your one hand behind your head and bring the other hand down towards your feet on the inner side of thighs.

4) The Hip Flexor Stretch This is performed by bringing one foot ahead in an angle of 90 degree. The other leg is behind on floor with your foot pointed upwards. This exercise helps to stretch muscles of the psoas on the opposide side. You can squeeze your buttocks to feel stretch more. Stretching sensation must be experienced in back leg, front thigh and hamstrings of front leg.

5) The Calf Stretch This is intended to help strengthen the Achilles tendon. Put anobject below your feet and lean whole weight of your body in aforward direction. Hold these stretches for 30 seconds and release.You will begin to feel a stretch on the back on the knee and shinarea.