How do Chiropractors relief neck pain? Typically, Chiropractors offer neck pain relief by adjusting the bones in the neck to alleviate pain caused by muscles spasms or other injuries. However, depending on the diagnosis, the treatment is not always the same. Although Dr Lim is licenced and certified in physiotherapy to do traction, we find that it usually temporarily relief the pain but do not resolve the root cause. How about neck air traction to help relief neck pain? Some patient purchase their own equipment such as a neck air traction which is basically like an air tire that lifts your head up or stretches your neck. It also immobilize your neck so you cannot move much to hurt yourself in those direction where you  have neck pain. My review of neck air traction is not to use it long term as prolonge immobility will lead to neck muscle atrophy which will result in further muscle pain. Now if you have the neck air traction equipment and using the neck air traction temporarily relieve the pain with less pain killers, then use it to your benefit until you get professional help.

To successfully relieve neck pain, we must first determine if the neck pain is the result of muscle strain or cervical spine misalignments.  Of course, these are the most common reasons we see though there are other reason which will required further diagnostic work.We usually check the upper, lower and mid-back of the neck to see if there’s pain there as well and to help diagnose the cause of the pain. In our office, you will usually be seated in an upright special cervical chair that is slightly reclined to make the patient comfortable while allowing access to the neck. Our chair is adjustable even for those who are taller or shorter.  The neck is usually gently move back and forth to feel how the bones are moving. Very often our patients can notice their neck doesn’t want to turn in a certain direction such as rotation to the right or left, looking up and down or leaning their ears to either shoulder.  We also may feel the skin at the back of the neck for any irregularities such as heat, dryness, stickiness, lump and bumps. Changes in the nervous system often result in changes of the skin. We can often detect muscles spasms which are a result of nerve interference. If needed, we adjust the cervical spine either in the seated chair or lying your back which ever is more comfortable for the patient.