Do  you have difficulty or pain bending your neck forward or when touching chin to chest? If you can’t touch your chin to the chest regardless of any pain or not, the worst case scenario is a form of bacterial infection. This infection affects the brain and is called meningitis. However, it must be accompanied by some form of fever. So you if you are not sure, take your body temperature with an accurate thermometer. If you have fever, you must go see your doctor immediately or emergency room.

On the other hand, if you do not have fever but have neck pain when you flex or bend your head forward, then you likely have a muscle strain or cervical subluxation. You can get it from caused by sleeping in an awkward position, from cradling the telephone or cell phone between neck and shoulder for long hours, painting a ceiling, reading in bed lying on your stomach, reaching forward for something that was difficult to get repeatedly such as washing dishes or trying to get your kitchen utensils, sitting in the front row of a movie theater requiring you to look up, looking at something that requires extreme bending or turning of neck, and prolonged typing on the computer. Muscle tension resulting from stress at work, poor posture in the office can also lead to neck pain that radiate (shoot, spread) into the upper back and into the scalp.