Our Patients Testimonials 

Our patients share their success stories with us hoping that you too will benefit with their experience.

“I had numbness and tingling in both legs and this bothered me the most when I was driving. I also had shoulder pain to accompany this misery. My orthopedic doctors told me my condition was “not serious” enough for surgery but to manage with pain killers.”


“I was having back pain from carrying a heavy bag filled with books for school. The pain improved immediately after treatments with Dr. Lim, and my mum remarked that my posture is much better now.”


Dizziness & Breathing Issues

If your dizziness and difficulty to take deep breaths are of no known medical cause, you may want to consider getting it checked with us.

Chest Pain and Breathing Discomfort Relieved  

One of my more challenging patients whose progress was slow. He was determined to get well and I spared no effort to help him from any possible stresses I could and after about 3 months he said the world needs to know his healing journey.

Back pain upon waking up in the morning

Some form of back pains are cruel enough to affect urine incontinence not related to bladder issues, but sure feels like one. Our intention was to find any blockages affecting his health, when that happens , more often than not, marvelous healing occurs.

90% Numbness & Tingling in Legs Improved

Paresthesia is a prickling or painful sensation felt in the hands or legs. He also had shoulder discomfort. 

Acute Back Pain Affect Sleep and Work

Back pain affect her sleep and work for serveral days. Can't really find comfortable positions to sleep. Walking was difficult had to take small steps to avoid pain. Pain relief meds does not seem to help much. 

My very active 8-year-old son had been complaining of Neck pain on-and-off for several months. Within a couple of sessions with Dr. Lim, the Neck pain was cured, which helped him sleep better at night.

He also is less fidgety now in school, because he isn’t distracted by constantly trying to adjust his neck. He gets an adjustment every few weeks to keep his spine correctly aligned, and I always notice an immediate improvement in his behavior after his visits.

My son loves visiting Dr. Lim, who is always so patient and kind. He explains everything very clearly, making the experience enjoyable and educational for the whole family.


I had been having sharp neck and jaw pain for over a year due to my work as a computer programmer. Periodic visits to Dr. Lim’s office keep my neck and spine supple and pain-free, which also minimizes stress and headaches.

Dr. Lim’s unique techniques allow him to pinpoint the exact source of the problem and correct it through painless adjustments. I have seen several chiropractors in the U.S., but Dr. Lim has a much more holistic understanding of the complex workings of the body, and his treatments are more effective than any I have had before.

And unlike other chiropractors I have seen, Dr. Lim does not pressure his patients to have excessive numbers of treatments.
The results are immediate, and last for a long time. I don’t need to return for a visit until I’ve done something to injure myself, such as lifting heavy objects or sleeping on a long airplane ride. A ten-minute session then gets me back to my normal, healthy condition.


Gym fitness discovered better performance 

He is back on track on his gym training after lower back pain. Surprisingly he discovered he could perform even better in the gym and improve his running after his recovery.

Help With Scoliosis Pain Years After Harrington rods Surgery

Many unnecessary scoliosis surgery often results in more pain after surgery. Fortunately we could still help some of these patients to improve their quality of life.

I knew about Lifesystems Chiropractic from the internet. I was suffering from hip pain for many years. It got so bad over time that sometimes I can’t even do simple housework like vacuuming or hanging up the clothes for drying.

Even carrying 4 to 5 apples is a challenge. Normal people who take 5 minutes to walk from the MRT station to the destination, I need 10 to 15 minutes instead for the same distance. Then I was quoted an expensive package elsewhere for a Chiropractic treatment.
Luckily for me, I found Dr Lim and came to him for a second opinion. After listening to him about his ways of treatment and understood the charges, I decided to take up an initial package at his clinic. The first treatment session was wonderful. It is amazing that when I walked out of his clinic after the first session, I felt that I am 50% cured. Although the pain was still there, but it is so minimal that I sometimes forget that it exist.

Subsequent sessions was just as good. As he treat, Dr Lim explains about how to prevent future discomfort and he always check for the source of the problem. Now I have took up another package at his clinic to “polish up” my body condition. I am looking forward to the treatment as I believe very soon. I will have a “new body” cause I wish to do a lot of activities which I can’t in the past due to the pain.


“Hi Dr Tim, A testimonial for you 🙂 For the last 10 years I have been having discomfort in abdominal region and was having difficulties with my digestion. The pain in my stomach was unbearable some days causing me to have a hard time to do anything. The pain was so bad that I had to sit curled up in a ball frequently.

I had seen many doctors from different fields over the years and I was put on several medications and numerous tests which did not help me and did not identify the source of the pain. I began to seek relief in cigarettes to alleviate the symptoms as nothing seemed to be working which was worse as it eventually made me an addict and added strain on my already deteriorating health.

My life was literally going downhill and I felt miserable. Working was also a challenge because I was always uncomfortable. After living with these terrible symptoms for years, I came across Dr Lim and researched extensively on his expertise. I decided to trust once more and booked an appointment with him hoping to finally find out what was going on.

During my session, Dr Lim patiently explained and assisted with my digestive problems. He was able to pinpoint the exact spots that were hurting and I was pleasantly surprised that he even guided me on the health and nutritional aspects of my problem which further helped in the healing.

After being under Dr Lim’s chiropractic care I feel so much better now. I have more energy, the pain is gone in my stomach and no medications! The best part is when Dr Lim did two minor adjustments on my shoulder blades and my 10 year addiction to cigarettes (one pack a day) was gone! Even I could not believe it! Totally zero carvings in 30 seconds!! I no longer depend on cigarettes and my abdominal region felt better than I can ever remember feeling.

Understanding how misalignments and nutrition can affect your whole body has been an amazing discovery to me and I truly wish that I had come much sooner. Dr Lim has really made a difference to my life. I want to say thank you Dr. Lim for all of your help!”


National Service Man - Failure to Silver Award in IPPT 

Sometimes even a minor injury can affect training performance for a long periods. We rejoice when we can help clients not only from pain but achieve their goals.