Travel Insurance Cover Chiropractic Treatment

Dr Timothy Lim

October 16, 2014

Did you know you can get chiropractic treatment coverage at no additional cost on your travel insurance when you make your trip overseas? In the past, not many insurance cover chiropractic in Singapore. However, in the recent 2 years, I found more insurance companies covering chiropractic treatments should any injuries occur during your travels. Some travel insurance do cover and pay for chiropractic treatment.

You can get injured during your travels for various reasons. Some patients get a back sprain from lifting their luggage bags or placing them from one position to another. Recently, one female patient got neck pain after being bumped by another car while in a taxi in Taiwan. There were no fractures requiring medical treatment but lingering chronic pain that can occur weeks or months after the initial whiplash injury.

The good news is your travel insurance will cover your treatment payments should you need treatments during or after your trip. So how can your travel insurance protect you if you get injured during your trip. The catch is you need to make sure you check whether the travel insurance you buy cover chiropractic. The coverage is usually no more than several pages long and you can see down the list what is covered in the event of accident or emergency. For those of you who work for a company who buys a standard bulk travel insurance for the company, I suggest you discus with your appropriate company personnel (usually Human Resource Department) if they bought insurance that cover chiropractic.

Do expensive higher premiums guarantee chiropractic coverage? During my last travel I found that paying for higher premiums for travel insurance which does not necessary mean chiropractic is covered. Let me give you an example of my travel insurance coverage to Europe in mid 2014 for about 11 days for 2 persons, so you can use this as reference when you buy your travel insurance next time.

Cost of Insurance: $129 for 2 or $65 per person or $6 per person per day.
Reimbursement on Medical Expenses incurred whilst Overseas (per person) = $500,000
Accidental Death & Disablement (Adult) = S$300,000
Maximum aggregate limit for Family Cover (Medical in Singapore) = S$2 million
Maximum aggregate limit for medical Treatment by Chinese Physician, Chiropractor and Physiotherapist = S$750

So there you have it. For a few dollars a day travel insurance you can be covered on the basic benefits plus chiropractic treatment.