Wear a Backpack Correctly for Posture

Dr Timothy Lim

 June 06, 2019

Wearing a backpack incorrecly encourages forward head posture (FHP). Forward Head Posture (FHP) is detrimental to your health. However, many of us may unknowingly be engaged in this posture.

Watch the correct backpack posture video below as I explain why wearing your backpack properly can prevent the effects of Forward Head Posture (FHP).

Effects of Forward Head Posture:
✔ Upper chest to expand and the lower chest to shrink so you can't breathe smoothly
✔  Neck and shoulder pain
✔  Mid back pain
✔  Numbness tingling of hands
✔  Dizziness
✔  Poor self-esteem

What is the Correct Backpack Position?
You may wear the backpack on the back or you can wear in front of the body. I feel that wearing the backpack in the front is better than wearing it at the back.

Should you choose to wear the backpack on the back, I recommend wearing both straps for better weight distribution to both shoulders.

Next, pull the strap down as shown in the video to make sure the backpack is as high up on the shoulders as possible.

Yes, this may not look cool but it's the correct backpack posture. Putting it on and off is also not as convenient when you wear it correctly as I have described,

This article is not about the most convenient way to wear your backpack, but the correct way to wear your backpack for better posture.

You will have less tendency to walk with your head bending toward the front. The heavier the backpack the more likely you will bend your body forward. Your chin or neck will also protrude forward.

Lighter backpack will have a lesser impact on causing the body to bend forward.

If you have young children, teach them this correct method of wearing a backpack on the back. Won’t you agree maintaining a good spinal posture is as important as brushing your teeth to prevent dental cavities?

Better posture starts with small changes to our habits one at a time.

Wear a Backpack Correctly

Best way to wear a backpack for better posture